About us


At first glance it may seem like this is just about training, but that was never the goal. I envision a world where all of the misconceptions about training are banished.  I am often told by clients just starting out, that they find it difficult to sort the fact from the fiction and this shouldn't be the case for something as important as improving ourselves physically. I hope to teach everybody how easy it is to systematically build up your exercise programme and understand the "why" behind your choice of exercises while doing so.




Norman Konstantin, the brain behind all of this. Coming from a biology background the move in to training was a no-brainer. I have been helping my clients achieve their fitness goals for years.  I have dedicated my life to learning all there is to learn about training and exercise. There's still a lot to discover and learn, but I hope to take on this challenge and pass the knowledge on to you in a digestible way.




As someone who struggled with weight loss all my teenage years I know how it is to feel helpless, going from one stupid crash diet to another with little or         no effect or trying out the advertised "best 12               weeks program". That`s why I decided to                     educate myself on training and nutrition. I                  show women that weight-training is our friend          and dieting does not have to be as boring as               first thought.